Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday - Hosts

Friends from Canada that we had met during our previous Sunday free pass day joined us in the morning for a snorkel and fishing tour.  J, Jer, Kevin, Carley, Beth and I all took Second Chance out for a snorkel tour.  We stayed on the inside of the reef and tied up to the mooring ball that Paco had instructed us to.  We then took the dinghys out to a mooring ball about 100 yards off the reef.  Supposedly the outer mooring balls wouldn't hold the larger boats and after looking at them, I wasn't that sure they would hold the dinghy if a good wind came up.  We all put our gear on and snorkeled around the reef.  Lots of coral and several fish.  Beth and I found a net that was entangled in some coral so we removed it and presented it to J as a gift.  We headed back to Second Chance and then back to the marina for a pit stop and to drop the dinghys.  J and I had coordinated with one of the local charter captains to get the proper bait and where to troll as well as bottom fish.  The six of us were ready to catch some fish.We headed out from the marina to the area we were told to troll in and had both lines out baited with ballyhoo.  It wasn't too long before a fish took the bait.  Kevin was first up and grabbed the pole but as soon as he did, the fish was gone.  We continued trolling for about an hour, varying our speed and direction but that was the only fish we saw.  We tried bottom fishing with the same luck, no fish.  The sky was clear and it was hot.  By early afternoon, we were all ready to call it a day so we headed back to the marina.
It wasn't a successful fishing day but a day fishing is still better than a day working.  J and Jer headed into town and Beth and I cleaned up the boat preparing for our departure on Saturday.

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