Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday ~ Sunday 8/6~7

Saturday is always a good day to get things done around the boat.  I started out by replacing the fraying lazy jack lines on the boom and then tackled the chore of sealing and weatherstripping the hatches.  Work was slowed because it was so hot to be working on deck. Beth and Jer went to Cancun to try to locate airline approved soft sided dog carriers and do some general shopping. While Beth was gone I managed to get some of the general chores done around the boat.  Beth and Jer returned around 6 pm with some goodies but no dog carriers.  We grilled and settled in for a good night.  Unfortunately the marina hosts a disco for the guests at the marina restaurant that doesn't start until 11pm. They only do it on certain nights and tonight the music was really loud.  Beth, while walking the dogs, asked them to turn it down but had no success.  I rode my bike up to the main resort as the music was loud enough to be felt inside the boat to complain.  There were no guests, only the dj and one restaurant employee.  Management at the front desk were no help so after riding the bike through the lobby, I returned to the restaurant.  After about 10 minutes of a screaming match, the music was lowered.

Sunday-  We had all decided to use our day passes to the resort and eat, drink and be merry all day.  The day passes don't start until noon so we waited.  At noon we hit the first restaurant and ate very well.  It was a buffet and they had lots of good food laid out.  J, Jer, and I started drinking with our meal.  After lunch we decided to see what the other restaurant had to offer so we went to eat there.  There was a different assortment of food, also buffet style but the service wasn't as good as the first.  We continued to drink with our meals and even Beth joined in.  After our 2nd lunch and libations, we went to the pool which has it's own bar.  We continued to drink until we were well sloshed.  Jer and I apparently were the worst off followed by J and Beth's intoxication level was hardly noticeable.  Since our day passes only last until 5pm, and I was too far gone we opted to leave the bar.  The stagger back to the boat was interrupted numerous times to rest, examine the bushes, beach, and dock.  After finally making it back to the dock, I crashed on the boat.  We all went to sleep early as we had to get up at 5am the next morning to catch the bus to Xcaret.

J has some pictures of the walk back and I was obligated to post them.

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