Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday morning I finished cleaning up the boat from the previous days excursion while Beth worked inside.  We packed for the trip, discussed the boat and the dogs care with J and Jer and overall, had a lazy day.  Armondo, the dockmaster, had offered to take us to the airport in Cancun at 6 pm.  All of us, including Catie and Cocoa walked up to the office at 5:45.  We all said our goodbyes when Armondo arrived at 6:05.  The ride into Cancun was quick and we were delivered right to the AeroMexico door.  Upon checking in, we were advised the flight was delayed until 8:30.  We had allowed plenty of time to be at the airport and now we had even more.  We went to one of the restaurants for dinner.  Where we were sitting we could see the flight arrival and departure screens and we watched our flight become more and more delayed.  Apparently there were some huge storms over Florida that were causing delays everywhere.  Around 9 we made our way through security and wandered through the shops on the way to our gate.  Around 10, the flight finally boarded and by 10:30 CST we were airborne and on the way to the states.  We landed just before midnight, EST in Miami, Florida.
After going through customs which took about an hour, then getting the rental car which took about an hour, then driving to Boca Raton which took about an hour, we arrived at the motel and crashed quickly.

Sunday - noonish
We went out and did a little shopping for those things you need but can't find in Mexico.  There will be several of these trips while we are here.  We dined on Quarter Pounders and Big Macs with Tea.  About 5, I was feeling exhausted from lack of sleep so we headed back to the motel.  I was asleep quite quickly while Beth looked up the locations of other stores on the computer.  She left me sleeping and went out shopping.  Beth returned about 7:30 with a couple of bags and PIZZA HUT pizza.  We ate like pigs and watched TV.
After dinner, Beth enjoyed relaxing in the bathtub and I went back to sleep.

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