Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday - Wednesday

I woke up with the cold/flu that had been coming on so I took some drugs, napped, watched tv and relaxed most of the day.  As you all know, relaxing when you are sick isn't relaxing.  I might have ventured out of the boat twice but nothing exciting.  Beth went to town to get me some Wonton soup from David Lau's and do some other shopping.  For the most part, this was a quiet day.  I did hear from the doc in Florida about my knee procedure and if things can be arranged we will be traveling next Monday to get it done.  The procedure takes about 4 hours followed by a day of rest then return to normal routine.  A brief search wasn't productive as the airlines are conspiring against me.  Its hard to concentrate when you are sick. 

Feeling a little better but still not good.  Beth worked on the laundry most of the day while I napped and searched for flights, accommodations and a car for our upcoming Miami trip. After numerous hours of working on it, everything was set.  We are heading to Miami on Saturday and will return Thursday.  J and Jer are going to take care of the babies and the boat while we are away.  We have quite a shopping list of things we want to get while in the states.  I feel sure we will be paying extra baggage fees on the way back but it would still be less expensive than trying to ship it here. 

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