Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday ~ Thursday

Wednesday was a good day.  The knee feels a little better each day.  Still a bit swollen, stiff in the morning but overall better. 
I took J and Jerr to Xplor and headed back to the marina.  Beth and I were going to hit the buffet today and just relax.  I returned the rental car and Beth and I were off to conquer the buffet.  Along the way we chatted with one of the captains on the dock about the local schools and costs and the general way of life.  It is always good to get a local perspective of politics, weather and life in general.  We enjoyed the buffet at the pool restaurant and then headed back to the boat.  We enjoyed a movie and relaxed.  Actually Beth enjoyed the movie and I took a short nap but she rewound it when I woke up so I wouldn't miss any of it.  It is one of Beth's favorite movies, Labyrinth.  After that we headed back to the resort for dinner.  George was going to join us and just as we were heading up the dock, J and Jerr returned.  They said they would join us for dinner after they cleaned up from their trip to Xplor.  George, Beth and I proceeded to the "nice" restaurant to wait.  George was excited about having the steak but Beth and I were not too excited about anything on the menu.  We sat with George through the appetizer and then excused ourselves to hit the Viva Mexican Buffet in the main resort.  J and Jerr chatted with George and joined us.  The feast was quite good and there was a mexican show afterwards at the pool.  We headed back to the boat and chatted with Brenda and Leon via Skype and relaxed.

Thursday.  I decided today was a good day to actually get some work done on the boat.  I had the parts for the engine to install except I didn't realize that had shorted me one important spring.  I couldn't finish the job without the spring so I wanted to head to town to try and find a substitute.  J needed a few things so he joined me on a trip to Playa Del Carmen.  We took the bus and headed to Playa.  The local transportation here is really good.  The local bus which picks up at the resort is 6 pesos and takes you to the main part of town where you can catch the express bus either to Playa Del Carmen or Cancun for 20 pesos.  The busses run about every 15 minutes.  We hit AutoZone in Playa and were able to get everything we needed.  We hit one of the local joints for lunch and headed back.  We arrived back at the marina around 3:30 and I started working on the Honda.  I fabricated the spring needed and reassembled everything.  It started up perfectly, purred like a kitten.  I left it running to warm it up so I could change the oil.  Meanwhile, J brought over his dinghy outboard for the next project.  As J was getting the necessary tools and parts, I completed the oil change.  J's outboard needed a carb cleaning, adjusting and a general once over.  About an hour later we had it mounted back on the dinghy purring like it hasn't in a long time.  J putted around the marina testing it out while Jerr and I discussed the next project on their boat.  I cleaned up the tools, Beth made dinner and we stepped out for a few minutes to enjoy the sunset.  We watched Eat, Pray, Love and turned in early.

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