Sunday, August 21, 2011


Up early again on Saturday so I took the opportunity to update the website and blog.  Our SPOT messenger seems to be working correctly so as we move it should update our position.  While I want to put the new boat parts on the boat, I still have some pain in my knee and still don't feel 100%.  Another day of rest may do the trick and the parts for the boat are not critical at the moment.  Living on the boat is not that different from living in a house.  Maintenance still has to be done, things break and need replacing.  Its just that things on a boat tend to be more expensive than things for a house.
Tropical storm Harvey is brewing to our south, headed for Belize.  I guess its a good thing that we stayed here to get my procedure done or we would have been right in the middle of it.  We are about 175 miles north of the center of the storm but are catching some of the outermost bands of clouds, wind and rain.  I am glad we are in a protected harbor instead of sailing in it.

It rained off and on all day so Beth and I watched movies and relaxed.  Beth finished getting the boat organized and cleaned up from our return.  We heard from our friends, Geff and Rose, that we met at El Milagro that they weathered the storm ok.  They are aboard SV My Peace and are currently located in Belize much closer to where the storm actually hit.  Apparently some of the villages got hit pretty hard and they may stay in the area longer than anticipated to help rebuild.  We still plan on heading that way in about a week and if help is still needed, we will pitch in.

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