Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Beth and I caught a cab to take the dogs to the vet so we could get the paperwork necessary to enter Belize.  We had gotten directions from Valarie but couldn't find the place but the cab driver knew where another vet was so we went there only to find them closed.  While the sign on the building said they should be open, they were closed.  The cab driver took us back to the marina and hit us with a 220 peso fare.  Not a good way to start the day.
Catie in her new carrier after the ride to the vet.

We left the dogs on the boat and headed into Puerto Morelos to rent a car, they didn't have any cars available until tomorrow.  We asked where we might be able to rent a car, today and were told across the highway.  So, back on the bus and across the highway.  They had rental cars and were more reasonable then the guys in Puerto Morelos.  It isn't a flash car but has 4 doors and air conditioning.  We headed to Playa Del Carmen to meet J and Jerr.  We had arranged to meet them at 2 at the ADO station but it was closer to 2:30 by the time we parked.  The McDonalds is across from the ADO station so we went there for lunch and could watch for them.  They spotted us coming up the stairs as they had just finished eating, watching for us.

The four of us toured the tourist area and J signed him and Jerr up for a timeshare presentation for tomorrow, their reward was 2 tickets to Xplor and a bottle of tequila. Beth and I did Xplor in Feb and its a better park than Xcaret. We walked around for a while, Beth and I each had a cup of $8.00 USD ice cream.  Yeah, it was Haagan Dazs but that was an absurd price.  Next time we will definitely ask how much first.
Downtown Playa Del Carmen

Ferry Port at Playa Del Carmen

  After strolling for a while my knee was feeling the abuse so we headed back to the car and back to the marina. I did Beth's hair and once again, she is a blonde.

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