Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saturday July 30 - Onward to Puerto Morelos

We were up early readying for departure.  Most of the staff of El Milagro came out to see us off.  The weather forecast was good and we were all eager to go.  The motor started just like it should and we cast off our lines and waved goodbye to our new friends.  J and Jer followed us out the narrow channel into the waters between Isla and the mainland. 
Once we were clear of the channel, sails were hoisted, trolling lines put in the water and we waved goodbye to Isla Mujeres.
Cancun Hotel Zone off to starboard
At the southern end of the hotel zone, the reel started screaming and something was taking line furiously.  I grabbed it quickly and realized that I was in danger of being spooled.  I increased the drag and whatever I had hooked was a monster.  I had just started reeling and the line went slack.  I reeled in the line only to find my 100 lb leader very cleanly cut and my brand new lure was gone.  After re-rigging the line, I hooked into and landed a small Bonita. 

The sailing was good with fair winds and relatively calm seas.  Passing south of Cancun we had to go offshore to avoid the reef that extends most of the way down the coast.  We arrived in Puerto Morelos around 2:30 and after an incident with our headsail furling line, where we sailed/motored in circles for about 10 minutes providing great amusement and concern for J and Jer, we were docked around 3. 

The marina at Puerto Morelos is El Cid.  A very modern marina with concrete floating docks and is part of the El Cid resort property.  While the website claimed several amenities, we found that they didn't exist but with dockage we are allowed to use some of the resort facilities which make up for the shortcomings as well as the excellent rate.  This is a very protected marina so we are away from wakes and storms although a powerful thunderstorm hit that evening and we were all very glad to be docked and not sailing through it.

We checked in with the harbor master, Armondo and got our paperwork in order.  Armondo speaks perfect english as well as spanish and is very friendly and helpful.  He helped us dock as well as checking us in.  Beth and I settled in on the boat for a relaxing evening after taking the dogs on a stroll while J and Jer took a walk into town to explore.  The thunderstorm hit while J and Jer were on their stroll.  They returned, bringing me a much wanted diet coke ( coke light as it is known in Mexico ), soaked to the bone and a little frazzled after lightning hit one of the lightning arrestors in the marina. The wind or lightning, not sure which, actually knocked one of the lightning rods down.  After the storm, it was a pleasant evening.

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