Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday ~ Friday

Sunday we went into town to check things out, took a few pictures and had dinner at David Lau's Chinese and Pizza place.  Valerie is the manager and a transplant from New Hampshire.  The food and service at this place are very good and I am sure we will be returning.  Beth ordered the Crab Rangoon and it came with a really nice peach sauce.

Puerto Morelos isn't as touristy as Cancun or even Isla Mujeres.  The beach is a nice view but not such a nice swim.  There is a lot of sea grass which piles up on the beach, lots of rocks and coral in the sand.  This is a great place to snorkel and see the reef so we will take the boat out one day and check it out.

Monday we had been invited to listen to El Cid's timeshare presentation.  So we did that for the free breakfast and four days of a rental car.  The presentation wasn't bad and the breakfast was ok.  It took about 2 hours so that afternoon we took a complimentary taxi ride into Puerto Morelos to pick up the rental car.
Well after a few hours, we got the car and Jer was the designated driver.  We headed down to Playa Del Carmen to look around.

I had contacted a doc about my knee and when we got back to the boat, I had an email.  The procedure was available, reasonably priced.  I spoke with their office via skype and was very excited to be able to have the procedure.  Their offices are in Miami and I would have to go there.  Beth and I discussed possibilities, when, how, etc.  Once I get an appointment and things get scheduled, I will keep you posted.

Tuesday     We headed out early with Jer driving.  Our first stop was lunch in Playa Del Carmen.  I was craving KFC and we just happened to find one.  While not as good as in the states, pretty good.  We continued south to Puerto Adventuras.  This could be the next marina on our way south but after touring the facilities, we decided we would stay in Puerto Morelos and skip Adventuras on the way down.  With my knee situation and the possibility of going to Miami, El Cid is a better fit for us on a long term basis.  Adventuras is a very nice complex and marina but 100% touristy with prices to match.  Everything is extra, like wi fi.  We did get some good information from the dockmaster. We can check out of Mexico at Xcalak, previously, we had been told we could only check out at Cozumel or Puerto Morelos.
After our tour of Puerto Adventuras, we headed back up to Playa Del Carmen.  We strolled the streets and ran into someone we had run into before.  He worked in Puerto Morelos hustling time share presentations for tickets.  He recognized us way before we recognized him.  He set us up for another presentation for Thursday morning.  After signing up, we went for dinner and did touristy things. 

After dinner, I was done walking as my knee was back to grapefruit size so we headed to the car and back to the marina.

Wednesday     J wasn't feeling any better but the power connector on Mahalo Nui had failed.  As I had already "fixed" it once, I wasn't willing to try again because the possibility of starting a fire was high. J, Jer, and I decided to go to Cancun to get the parts.  Beth stayed to sleep and clean up.  Our trip was interesting in that Jer was driving the rental car and has now officially become a mexican driver.  She can whip in and out of the crazy traffic like a local, all while getting the horn blown at us, being flipped off or being the one doing the flipping and horn blowing.  We didn't have a map so our trip wasn't the most direct but I remembered enough to get us headed in the right direction.  We got a new shore power cord, I picked up a replacement lure and some line for the lazy jack and they got some line to install lazy jacks on their boat.  It turned into a longer trip than it should have, but thats Mexico. Nothing happens in the amount of time it should take.
We returned around 3 and picked up Beth and went to see a local cenote.
It was supposed to be a few kilometers from the main highway off a secondary road.  The secondary road was where it was supposed to be, about 10 kilometers up that road was the turnoff, and then about 5 kilometers on an unpaved, potholed, curvy dirt road.  It was a fun ride with Jer driving but was doing no good for J who was feeling worse.  We finally arrived about 3:50 and walked around.  The water was an icky greenish color but the owner had installed a zip line so you could ride to the middle and drop into the water.  None of us went in the water but enjoyed the view and looking at the jungle.  The owner had numbered certain trees and told us not to touch them and explained that if a tree had this number, the sap was poisonous, another number the entire tree was poisonous and another number tree was full of fire ants.  We didn't touch any of the plants.  We got back to the car about 4:15 and as the car needed to be turned back in at 5, Jer didn't waste the horsepower getting back through the jungle road.  Good thing it was a rental.
We arrived back in Puerto Morelos with time to spare and went back to David Lau's Chinese and Pizza for dinner.  The pizza was very good.  We took the bus back to the marina and had a quiet night.

Thursday     This time share presentation was in Playa Del Carmen. The place wasn't as nice, breakfast not as good but a better deal was presented to us and we actually considered buying it.  Fortunately, good sense prevailed and we left with tickets to Xcaret on Monday.  We got a complimentary taxi ride back to El Cid.  J wasn't feeling well so when we got back to the marina, he went to sleep and the rest of us went to the pool.  We got a few free drinks, tipped 10 pesos and enjoyed the warm pool.

Friday - I got up early and decided I would go to Cancun via bus to find dog carriers approved for the airline.
I guessed I would be back around noon.  The trip was uneventful but involved a lot more walking than I would have liked.  I checked 3 stores and none of them were acceptable.  The closest one was $1083 pesos which is about $100 US.  I returned to the marina about 4 and was exhausted.  Beth had been working on the rug and almost has it finished.  We just relaxed the remainder of the day.  J wasn't feeling better and stayed on the boat all day.

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